Nini Jeung Aki on Internet

Tulisan berikut sekedar intermezo mengenai eksistensi Nini Jeung Aki di dunia maya yang membuktikan bahwa internet benar-benar sudah menjadi perpustakaan terbesar di dunia sampai-sampai bahasa daerah dan cerita-cerita dalam bahasa daerah pun dapat dengan mudah ditemukan di internet. Silakan simak!

We know in this era of information technology, distance and time is not a big problem anymore. In the past, when we sent a letter to our friends in the other provinces, it took a long time even up to a week, even if the letter was addressed to our friends who are abroad, it could be up to a month. Through information technology advances, now we can send a letter by electronics mail (email) to our friends around the world in seconds, even the messages can be sent at night.

Through the Internet we can also find various information, almost nothing that we can’t find on the internet. Do not you believe it? Try it yourself to find "Nini Jeung Aki" through "Uncle Goolge" (search engine, I mean), within one-fourth seconds you will see around 100.000 sites containing information about "Nini Jeung Aki" in various forms such as myth, history, MP3 songs, Sundanese civilizations, and other information related to "Nini Jeung Aki". Amazing.

That is why many people looking for information on the internet to solve their problems or just looking for friends and en­ter­­tainment through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Internet is the largest library in the world which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere without the high cost, even "Nini Jeung Aki" could also be easily found on the internet. These are all evidence that information technology has reached the village.

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